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The 20th Green Belt Relay

Saturday/Sunday 21/22nd May 2016

Starts Hampton Court, Saturday 8.30am

Ends in the Hawker Centre, Ham, Sunday at about 6pm


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GBR 2016 - the twentieth running of the Green Belt Relay

This year will be our 20th edition.  We look like having a fully sold-out field of 40 teams.

Here are the main things you need to know if you're competing or supporting:

1. Don't get lost.  If you review your route beforehand, follow your map, and perhaps use a GPS app (the course details shows you how to do this) then you won't.  If you just turn up expecting to be guided round, you probably will.

2. Be careful.  It's a race, everyone wants to win.  But over 220 miles there are road crossings, railways, rivers, livestock, all sorts of weather, etc.  We don't close roads, and our marshals aren't there to stop traffic.  Use your brains and we'll all get round safely.

3. Be polite and helpful.  It's busy at weekends and lots of other people are out walking their dogs, riding, rowing, cycling etc.  Run considerately and don't leave a mess.

4. Help others.  We ask you to bring a phone with you, partly for your own safety, but mainly so that you can help others if they need it.  If someone gets into trouble, the most likely people to get them prompt help are other runners.


Introducing the Green Belt Relay

The Green Belt Relay is an annual 22-stage running relay race around 220 miles of the Green Belt around the outside of London over a single weekend.  The course mainly follow footpaths, towpaths or minor roads.  It is organised by The Stragglers running club, has been going since 1995, and involves around 35-40 teams. 

Runners form teams of 11 people, and each runner runs one stage each day.

Although the race is a relay, each stage starts at a fixed time.  This allows each stage to be a competitive race in its own right, and also allows teams of all different standards to stay roughly together as they advance along the route.

When is it?

The next race will take place on the weekend of 21-22 May 2016.  The race starts at 8:30 on Saturday morning, going on to stop at around 7:30pm at the end of stage 11 in Blackmore in Essex.  It resumes at 8am Sunday in Blackmore, and finishes at around 6:30pm Sunday.  Exact start times for each stage are listed on the course details page.

Where does it go? 

The course weaves its way around the villages, rivers and paths of London's green belt, starting at Hampton Court Palace and ending with a barbecue and prizegiving nearby at our club headquarters in Kingston.   The course details page gives you everything you need to know about the course and stages - timings, maps, changeover details.  Each stage averages about 10 miles, but difficulty levels and distances vary.

The route largely follows the Green Belt Way, a related long distance walking route.  You'll find a wealth of background detail here - the race founder Sean Davis has walked every inch of the 220 miles and visited every church, castle, windmill, lockkeeper's cottage and perhaps even pub along the way, and you can enjoy his unique take on each stage as you go.


This is an unforgettable experience.  Have a look at some of the testimonials, photos and reports from previous races to get a sense of what it's like. 

Various prizes are also on offer, and there is quite intense competition for the honour of winning stages, setting stage records, and competing for the team events, ranging from the "Green Belt" (fastest team) to the much-coveted "Toilet Seat" awarded to the slowest team to compete the full course.

The race also raises money for various charities, both from individual teams and from surplus funds.

Who Competes?

The race is open to anyone who can get 11 runners together to form a team, and is open to all standards of runner.  We have a loyal following of running clubs, corporate teams, and charity teams, but one-off pub teams are just as welcome (one of whom, "The Sunday Night Shandies", won the event in 2003).

The race is organised by The Stragglers Running Club - mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with questions or comments.  We rely on the kind help of hundreds of others, some of whom are listed here


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