London Green Belt Way  

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Public Transport access to the London Green Belt Way

Travel Websites you may find helpful to plan your journey. These include bus and train routes:

Access to the Route of the London Green Belt Way from Railway Stations

 The Marlow Donkey at Spade Oak

The table below gives a list of points where the route of the London Green Belt Way can be accessed from railway stations. It lists the start and the finish points of each stage; has links to interactive stage maps; gives the places and distances in a stage which are easily reached from the relevant station; how far this is from the station and links to maps from the station to the route. This is not a comprehensive guide of all the stations accessible from the route, but it does have most of the stations reachable within a mile and a few slightly further.

Please Note: There is a break between the end of stage 14 and the start of stage 15 because of the Dartford River Crossing, and information on a bus route across the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge is also included.




Interactive Stage Maps & Stage Distance


Rail Stations near the Route

Distance into Stage in miles and (the point giving easy access to the Railway Stations).

Distance from Station to Route. Click on hyperlink for a map of route from the station to the Route of the Walk.


Hampton Court Palace

Staines Bridge

Map 1

13 miles

Hampton Court National Rail

0.0 (Hampton Court Palace).

0.28 miles





Shepperton National Rail.

5.96 (Russell Road, Shepperton).

0.5 miles





Staines National Rail.

0.0 (Staines Bridge).

0.67 miles


Staines Bridge

Boveney Old Church

Map 2

10.45 miles

Staines National Rail.

0.0 (Staines Bridge).

0.67 miles





Windsor & Eton Central National Rail.

8.13 (Windsor, Thames Street).

120 yards





Windsor & Eton Riverside National Rail.

8.29 (Windsor, Thames Street).

90 yards


Boveney Old Church

Little Marlow

Map 3

11.05 miles

Taplow National Rail.

4.41 (Maidenhead Bridge, east side).

0.85 miles





Maidenhead National Rail.

4.49 (Maidenhead Bridge, west side).

1.09 miles





Cookham National Rail.

7.7 (Cookham, Stanley Spencer Gallery).

0.68 miles





Bourne End British Rail.

8.97 (Bourne End Railway Bridge).

0.3 miles


Little Marlow

Great Kingshill

Map 4

12.25 miles

Marlow National Rail.

0.0 (centre of Little Marlow Village).

1.64 miles





High Wycombe National Rail. By bus.

10.28 (Hughenden Manor Church)

Bus Route to and from High Wycombe Station.


Great Kingshill


Map 5

13.4 miles

Amersham Station (National Rail & London Underground).

6.52 (route crosses Station Road, Amersham – A416).

0.46 miles





Chalfont & Latimer Station (National Rail & London Underground).

8.91 (Middle of Forest before Latimer – West Wood).

0.65 miles



St Albans

Map 6

8.5 miles

Kings Langley National Rail.

2.12 (Kings Langley High Street, next to Church).

0.59 miles





Kings Langley National Rail.

2.47 (Grand Union Canal towpath).

0.69 miles





St Albans Abbey National Rail.

8.5 (Finish of Stage on Holywell Hill).

190 yards


St Albans

Letty Green

Map 7

11.95 miles

St Albans Abbey National Rail.

0.0 (Start of Stage on Holywell Hill).

190 yards





St Albans National Rail.

1.43 (Camp Road).

0.42 miles





Hatfield National Rail.

6.48 (Great North Road, just over Wrestlers Bridge).

0.34 miles


Letty Green

Dobbs Weir

Map 8

10.65 miles

Hertford North National Rail.

3.02 (Castle Hall on The Wash, Hertford).

0.62 miles





Hertford East National Rail.

3.48 (Mill Road, just after Hertford Weir).

200 yards





Ware National Rail.

5.74 (Amwell End, next to Ware Bridge).

250 yards





St Margarets (Herts) National Rail.

7.82 (Station Road, St Margarets).

140 yards





Rye House National Rail.

9.2 (Rye Road, Rye House).

70 yards


Dobbs Weir

High Beach, Epping Forest

Map 9

11 miles

Broxbourne National Rail.

1.45 (Old Nazeing Road, Broxbourne).

0.33 miles





Cheshunt National Rail.

4.27 (Parking & Picnic Area 0.5 miles after Cheshunt Lock).

350 yards





Waltham Cross National Rail.

5.74 (Lee Towpath passes under Highbridge Street).

0.64 miles





Enfield Lock National Rail.

6.94 (Lee Towpath passes under Smeaton Road bridge)

0.48 miles


High Beach, Epping Forest


Map 10

9.9 miles

Epping Tube Station, London Underground.

5.1 (Epping Station)

50 yards




Map 11

7.5 miles

There are no train stations easily accessible to the route on this stage. For other transport see Traveline





Thorndon Park North

Map 12

11 miles

Ingatestone National Rail.

3.8 (Trueloves Lane, just after Dunsteads Farm).

1.05 miles


Thorndon Park North

Thames Chase Forest Centre

Map 13

7.15 miles

Brentwood National Rail.

1.32 (The Drive, Little Warley, just before Ford Building).

0.94 miles





Upminster National Rail & London Underground.

6.6 (Pike Lane, next to Thatched House Pub).

1.26 miles


Thames Chase Forest Centre

Davy Down

Map 14

8.0 miles

Chafford Hundred National Rail.

8.0 (Davy Down Riverside Park, Mar Dyke).

1.28 miles





Bus information for X80 from Chafford Hundred Station to cross the Thames over the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. This bus only operates from Mon - Sat and after 3.50pm starts from Lakeside Coach Station.

8.0 (you will need to know this information to cross the river to Stone, unless you have your own means of transport – get off the bus at the Littlebrook Interchange)

Walk from Littlebrook Interchange to QE II Bridge Viewpoint for access to the start of stage 15.

0.36 miles


QEII Bridge View Point

Lullingstone Park*

Map 15

9.9 miles

Stone Crossing National Rail.

0.0 (QE II Bridge Viewpoint)

0.86 miles






Dartford National Rail.

1.58 miles (off footpath to Darenth Road at junction with Princes Road)

0.76 miles





Dartford National Rail. (via Darent Valley Path)

1.79 (Brooklands Lakes, just south of Princes Road, Dartford).

1.04 miles





Farningham Road National Rail.

5.1 (Station Road, South Darenth).

0.39 miles





Eynsford National Rail.

8.37 (T-Junction at south end of Sparepenny Lane).

0.69 miles





Eynsford National Rail.

9.0 (Lullingstone Roman Villa).

0.57 miles


Lullingstone Park


Map 16

12.7 miles

Eynsford National Rail.

0.0 (Lullingstone Park Visitor’s Centre, Castle Road).

0.95 miles





Shoreham (Kent) National Rail.

1.71 (Station Road, Shoreham, just before footpath to golf course).

250 yards





Otford National Rail.

3.06 (onto High Street, Otford).

0.33 miles





Dunton Green National Rail.

4.82 (Rose & Crown pub, Dunton Green).

0.62 miles




Map 17

11.2 miles

Oxted National Rail.

3.15 (Chalkpit Lane).

1.12 miles





Merstham National Rail.

11.03 (Merstham Station).





Map 18

10.05 miles

Merstham National Rail.

0.0 (Feathers Hotel, Merstham).

0.16 miles






Reigate National Rail.

2.41 (NDW crosses Fort Lane, just before Reigate Fort).

1.06 miles



West Hanger Picnic Area

Map 19

9.65 miles

Boxhill & Westhumble National Rail.

1.42 (Boxhill & Westhumble Station).






Dorking West National Rail.

3.31 (On NDW at junction of tracks after tall gates).

0.98 miles





Gomshall National Rail.

7.4 (NDW crosses Beggars Lane).

1.21 miles


West Hanger Picnic Area


Map 20

6.15 miles

Clandon National Rail.

2.25 (The Street, East Clandon, immediately before Queens Head pub).

1.49 miles



Walton Bridge

Map 21

8.45 miles

West Byfleet National Rail.

3.26 (Wey Navigation at Old Parvis Road).

1.06 miles





West Byfleet National Rail.

3.75 miles (Junction of Wey Navigation and Basingstoke Canal – via Basingstoke Canal Towpath)

1.24 miles





Byfleet & New Haw National Rail.

4.42 (New Haw Lock)

0.58 miles





Addlestone National Rail.

5.25 (Coxes Lock).

0.67 miles





Weybridge National Rail.

5.93 (Weybridge Lock).

0.9 miles


Walton Bridge

Hampton Court Palace

Map 22

8.6 miles

Walton-on-Thames National Rail.

0.0 (Walton Bridge).

1.42 miles





Sunbury National Rail.

1.81 (Lower Sunbury, junction of Thames Street & Green Street).

1.05 miles





Hampton (London) National Rail.

3.9 (T-junction of Lower Sunbury Road and Upper Sunbury Road at Hampton Waterworks).

0.39 miles





Hampton Court National Rail

0.0 (Hampton Court Palace).

0.28 miles


Hampton Court Palace Main Door to the centre of Hampton Court Maze

Middle of Hampton Court Palace Maze

Map of the Whole Route

222.5 miles




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